Use a Lite YouTube Embedded Player in Next.js

Use a Lite YouTube Embedded Player in Next.js

Using a Youtube Embedded Player in a Next.js application

I needed a way to play videos locally in a page where I post notes I take from conference talks.

The screenshot shows a video player at the top of a post page.

Lite YouTube embedded player

Method 1: IFrame Player

The first approach I took was to use the <iframe> HTML tag as suggested by YouTube’s developer guide.

The code to use that first method is something like this.

  src={"https://www.youtube.com/embed/" + video_id}
  allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture"

You should find the video_id of the video you want to embed. The video_title can be anything you want, but I used the title from the video. There are many other options like linking playlists. If you want to learn more about it, check the Supported Parameters reference.

If you want the component to behave responsively, you should fix its aspect ratio. Becaise my application was using tailwindcss, an elegant solution I’ve found for it was to use the tailwindcss-aspect-ratio plugin. You can wrap the IFrame in a div like this one.

<div className=" w-full aspect-w-16 aspect-h-9">

Performance with iframe

The main disadvantage from this method is that it caused a decrease of performance. A Lighthouse report showed the following problem. > some third-party resources can be lazy loaded with a facade

I also saw a small delay to load the player when I opened the webpage in my PC.

Here is an image from the report with more details from the issue.

IFrame embedded player

This method is still useful if you don’t mind the small degradation in performance. Also, there are many ways to lazy load it which can solve this issue.

Method 2: The react-lite-youtube-embed package

After trying a few alternatives I’ve found the react-lite-youtube-embed package which was everything I needed.

This package is a React component created from lite-youTube-embed, a more popular package that has a general web solution to the problem.

This package is really easy to use.

Firstly, you need to install it

yarn add react-lite-youtube-embed


npm install react-lite-youtube-embed -S

Secondly, import the packages

import LiteYouTubeEmbed from "react-lite-youtube-embed"
import "react-lite-youtube-embed/dist/LiteYouTubeEmbed.css"

Finally, use the LiteYouTubeEmbed component. This component also has the option to set the aspect ratio in it, which is extremely useful.


It also has some privacy settings enabled by default, it will try to reach youtube-nocookie.com. Those might conflict with your Next.js config ContentSecurityPolicy. You might need to add it the permission to reach that page to the rules.

Performance with react-lite-youtube-embed

The Lighthouse report with the LiteYouTubeEmbed component had a sweet 7% increase in performance.

Lite YouTube Embed player


Both methods are great and simple to use. The performance is comparable for both methods. The loading speed is shorter for the second one, but you need to add a package to your project.