Skilled engineer specializing in Web Development and AIwith 6 years of experience in Next.js, React, JavaScript, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, and Python.

  • 🚀 Mission: Committed to empowering companies and developers with effective tools and proven best practices for accelerating software delivery. Here are some examples from my work at iRobot:

    • Led Web Platform: Developed a test resources-sharing site using Next.js (React.js) and AWS, winning a hackathon. Advanced it to a 30-user beta and official release. Reduced costs and promoted software testing in 3 groups.

    • Workflow Tool Innovation: Reduced log download and bug reporting times by 90% by creating tools, enhancing overall efficiency across the organization.

    • Automation API Design: Optimized ROS2-based test development, reducing the development cycle time by 80% through a well-documented testing API leveraging open-source code.

    • Started Book Club: Initiated a software development best practices book club, cultivating skills, continuous learning, and promoting knowledge-sharing for 20 members across 6 teams.

  • 💡 Interests: Currently exploring good programming practices, productivity tools, and AI for the web.

    • Habits: I'm passionate about forming positive habits and systems to solve personal and professional problems. Small, consistent actions lead to significant achievements over time. Inspired by "Atomic Habits" by James Clear

    • Continuous Learning: I consider the ability to learn how to learn as the ultimate superpower. I view learning as a continuous journey. Influenced by "Limitless" by Jim Kwik

    • Note-Taking: I advocate for note-taking to organize information, enhance productivity, and improve knowledge retention. Shaped by insights from “Building a Second Brain” by Tiago Forte.

  • 📝 Blog: Explore articles on modern web development at blog.

  • 🤝 Connect: If you share a passion for modern web development, let's connect! You can find me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

  • ▶️ Open to exciting opportunities in web development and AI. Let's build great solutions together!

Happy Coding!