Simplify API Testing with Thunder Client VS Code Extension

Simplify API Testing with Thunder Client VS Code Extension


As a junior web developer, diving into API testing can be intimidating. However, with the right tools, the process can be streamlined and more approachable. In this blog post, we'll explore Thunder Client, a powerful and user-friendly REST API client extension for Visual Studio Code. Let's take a closer look at how Thunder Client can simplify your API testing workflow and improve your development experience.


Follow one of these options to install it:

Keyboard shortcut

The extension uses ctrl+shift+r as the keyboard shortcut, which is the reserved VS Code shortcut for refactor. The extension will override it. To preserve the refactor shortcut, open the shortcut settings by pressing ctrl+shift+p and selecting Open Keyboard Shortcuts (JSON). Then add this as a key binding:

	"key": "ctrl+shift+r",
	"command": "editor.action.refactor"

Thunder Client: A Lightweight Rest API Client Extension

Thunder Client is a meticulously crafted Rest API Client Extension for Visual Studio Code. Thunder Client offers a simple and clean design that focuses on ease of use and efficiency.

Effortless API Testing with Thunder Client

Testing APIs is a crucial part of web development, and Thunder Client excels in making this process effortless. With Thunder Client, you can seamlessly send requests and analyze responses right from within Visual Studio Code. Let's explore some of the key features that set Thunder Client apart.

Simple and Intuitive UI

Thunder Client provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies API testing. Its clean and intuitive design allows even junior developers to quickly grasp its functionality. By eliminating unnecessary complexities, Thunder Client ensures a seamless testing experience.

In only 2 minutes I installed the extension and tested one of the endpoints from this site.

thunder client api testing

Collections and Environment Variables

Managing multiple API requests can be challenging, but Thunder Client makes it easier with its support for collections and environment variables. Organize your requests efficiently and leverage environment variables to streamline your testing workflow.

Scriptless Testing

Writing boilerplate code for basic tests can be time-consuming and error-prone. Thunder Client revolutionizes the testing experience with its scriptless testing approach. With a GUI-based interface, you can effortlessly perform common tests without the need for scripting knowledge.

Theme Support

Customization is key, and Thunder Client recognizes this. It seamlessly integrates with your Visual Studio Code themes, ensuring a consistent and personalized experience while testing APIs.

Import/Export Capabilities

Transferring your API data from other popular tools like Postman, Insomnia, OpenAPI, and Curl to Thunder Client is a breeze. Import your existing requests and collections, saving time and effort.

Extensive Documentation and Support

To ensure you get the most out of Thunder Client, the extension provides comprehensive documentation on its GitHub page. Find tutorials, guides, and troubleshooting tips to enhance your API testing skills.

Local Storage

All your API request data is stored locally on your device, eliminating privacy concerns and enabling you to work with sensitive data securely.


With Thunder Client, you can streamline your API testing workflow, increase productivity, and ensure the seamless integration of external services into your applications. Start using Thunder Client today and elevate your API testing flow.